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Happy Birthday, Bay Daily! Give the Gift of Feedback

Kalbird1 Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of Bay Daily.  As a birthday present, my readers and friends, please help me by answering this brief questionnaire intended to make the blog better.

I enjoy writing for you every day, and would appreciate feedback from you. So please take a few seconds and shoot an email to me at tpelton@cbf.org with four simple sentences answering these four basic questions:

1) What, if anything, do you find valuable about Bay Daily?

2) How could I improve the blog?  Would you like to read more hard news? Colorful feature stories?  More opinion? Humor?  Investigations?

3) What subjects or geographical areas would you like covered more often? 

4)  How could I improve Bay Daily’s presentation? Does the layout look good to you?  Thumbs up or down on the cartoon bird?

That’s it.  Feel free to speak candidly.  I respect what you think and I want you to keep coming back and to recommend Bay Daily to your friends and colleagues.  So I want to know what brings you here in the first place.

As a reward for your email, the Bay Daily bird and I will raise our glasses of champagne and make a toast in your name.

Here’s to our baby’s first birthday!

All the best, Tom Pelton


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I think your blog is outstanding. There's always a broad variety of topics and the writing is colorful, easy to follow and depicts the story well. I especially liked your story on the mountain top removal guitar jam.

Thanks for doing what you do. It is valuable to me in my work on the HC Sustainability Board and all the talks that I give around the watershed.

1. I am unaware of another blog that can touch you on this subject. Through, well written and clearly a critically important subject.
2. Hard news is good. Other opinion too, including the "bad guys".
3. If you can include the entire Chesapeake Watershed, it's great.
4. Occasionally bringing in other like-minded bloggers on related subjects. What is happening in Puget Sound? New Orleans/Mississippi Delta? Galveston?

Thanks so much for all of your good work,

Dear Tom,

I love the cartoon bird. I use cartoons on my green blog often to lend a sense of lightness to serious topics.

I think you've arrived at the perfect balance of serious tone, with a "folksy charm." Keep up the good work.

I depend on CBF Daily for the latest news on Chesapeake-related news.

Mr. Pelton,

I am a grateful recepient of your news letter down here in Georgia. I use the debacle of the Bay, the ineptitude of the EPA and the many corresponding problems and conditions that led up to the ecologial disaster we have there as a forewarning to those with interests along the Georgia coast. Our short (100 mile) coast line includes over 3400 miles of shoreline and includes one third of all the salt marsh on the Eastern Seaboard. It is soon to be under assult from development.
We are already fending off poorly designed waste water treatment plants and development sites.
Although I have found that facts are of no interest to "them", if we pile the facts high enough they have to start paying attention.
I would like to see you calling names and pointing fingers at the guilty parties. I think we, all to often, I am a guest columnist for the local paper, refer to the offenders with generic catch-all phrases like "local government" when we should be naming names. Too often we lose the support of the press because of their concern will selling advertizing.
We have found a huge e-mail base to be our best tool for getting the word out and getting response from our membership.
Thanks for all you do.

1. I love Bay Daily and regularly read about events and issues that I wasn't aware of until seeing them in your blog. Keep up the good work!

2. Yes to hard news, and the pressure we need to bear on local authorities to do their part needs to be emphasized. The failure of municipalities
is so crucial to jump-starting the effort. We can rant at the farmers and Perdue, but every time a sewage treatment plant overflows or a new housing development is approved we collectively make things worse.
3. I live on the Severn so geographical coverage is good. Re the above, I'm an Anne Arundel County resident and their track record on critical area enforcement is deplorable.

4. The layout is fine and thumbs up to the bird!

Thanks for all you do.

I love the email. I am a law student and dad of 2 so I don’t have much extra time. I only read 3 subscribed emails – DC & Baltimore Biz Journals and the Bay Daily. I like yours as it covers all the big Bay news and a lot of the other things in a more fun/interesting way.

The only thing I can think of is perhaps stories or links to the various Riverkeepers as I think they are doing some great work and can use more attention. Also people invariably like to hear news about their own backyard and the Riverkeepers are perfect for that.

Congratulations and Happy Bday, Bay Daily!
Tom, I think you do a remarkable job with this.

Tom, happy to oblige:
1) What, if anything, do you find valuable about Bay Daily?
The scope of the coverage....Bay Daily primarily covers MD, PA, DC, and VA in the seven state (counting DC as a state) Bay watershed and that in itself is no mean feat by any account. This watershed is HUGE. There's simply a myriad of stories, issues, and problems surrounding the Bay. If nothing else, consistently reading this blog has really hit that one point home.
2) How could I improve the blog? Would you like to read more hard news? Colorful feature stories? More opinion? Humor? Investigations?
Can't give you too much real feedback with regards to improvement....I very much enjoy it as is. I would like to see more hard news/investigations mxed with anecdotal stories to highlight how the regular joe is being affected by the politics and greed. Can't have the politics without the greed...
3) What subjects or geographical areas would you like covered more often?
You know where I roll.....Mattawoman Creek. 2010 is going to be a hard battle for us down here in Charles. The private airport and energetics tech park are moving forward and will be extended/build directly on wetlands and creek bank. The CCC-x battle is not looking so good either as it appears MDE may just grant their permit this summer. However, Sierra Club MD Chapter has made the creek one of two 2010 priorities and will be working to raise awareness, gain support for the Mattawoman with the local population. That in itself will be a lot of work! Finally, Mattawoman could very well be EPA's very first triumph or very first failure with regards to the Bay's presidential exec. order and enforcing TMDL regulation.
4) How could I improve Bay Daily’s presentation? Does the layout look good to you? Thumbs up or down on the cartoon bird?
Tom, layout looks awesome....easy on the eye. Bay lends itself to lots of great pictures....good and bad. Keep the seagull...though as the blog mascot perhaps he/she needs a name....?
Hope this helps,
Meredith Sweet

Tom as I have said before I really enjoy reading Bay Daily as a way to keep up with what our local and national leaders are doing to protect one of the nations most valuable resources. Your reports provide us readers with valuable information and a constant reminder to be good stewards ourselves. I would like to see more colorful feature stories and investigations but I enjoy the blog just the way it is. I would enjoy seeing more stories about my area here in Hampton Roads. The currant presentation is fine and I like the cartoon bird but can you tell me what kind of bird it is? Keep up the good work and Happy Birthday!

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