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It's oysters and menhaden. Both are filter feeders and both are necessadry to restore the Bay. Publish the names, addresses, and pictures of all poachers in their local papers. Let the communities know who the poachers are. Who is stealing our resources. Don't hide them from public view by just saying "a poacher from Rock Hall" ect. Put their names and pictures in the paper.

You know, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources told me this winter they planned to do exactly that to help deter poaching. They said they were going to start publishing the names (although not photos) of everyone charged with violations on a regular basis in local papers.

Does anyone out there know if they've put that into action?

All I have ever seen is "a poacher from Rock Hall" never a poachers
name, and town. A photo in the local paper would be good. Community
shame may be a way to go. Also take away their crabber or oyster
permits for good! Some of these folks have been poaching for

Hey Tom,

Not all poachers are from Rock Hall though they have their share.

The Kent County News has always published names of those arrested in the police blotter and those convicted/fined in our court calendar.

A poacher could care about a permit, any more than a drunk driver cares about a revocation. It's going to take education, and as far as I'm concerned a big change in ... the DNR.

I suggest arrest notices on a special web page, and with conviction, photos of the "perps" and info on the same web page. If they want to buy ads publicising the offenders, it might be a good use of state money.

The most unfortunate aspect of all this is the fact that the single largest source of pollution in the Upper Bay comes from sewage treatment plant overflow/failure, and the "usual suspects" and developers are being rounded up, not the municipalities!


The larger issues in Maryland that is often over looked is trying to recover anadromous fish species to Maryland's inland river systems. Our riverine landscapes have seen the almost complete extirpation of American shad, Brook trout and others. We need to restore hydrological connectivity by removing dams and evaluating land use over larger spatial scales.

You're right, Jason. But the case of American shad is especially puzzling. The numbers of American shad were recovering on the Susquehanna River during the 1990s, after a lift was built and later improved over the Conowingo Dam. Things were looking up for a while -- then about a decade ago, the American shad numbers crashed again.

Anyone out there have a clue as to why American shad populations started to improve and then suddenly headed back down again?

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