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I'm glad the amendment was killed. I'm still confused by Rep. Goodlatte's reasoning. Given the tremendous decline in the Chesapeake's seafood industry (watermen, packing houses, etc), haven't we already found that a lack of environmental regulation reduces the number of jobs on the bay?

As for the gray wolf: perhaps removing it from the endangered species list will open its habitat to more commercial endeavors--a terrible precedent indeed.

You are dead-on right, CJ. It's the tragedy of the commons. If there are no regulations to place limits on pollution or harvest of life from the Bay -- everyone acts for his or her own self-interest, and as a result everyone suffers. Reasonable limits create an economy that is sustainable and can flourish over the long haul.

Hi our names are Kaitlynn Hochstetler and Abby Showers and we are completing a say the bay project for life science. Everyone at our school in 8th grade at Eagle View Middle School in Mechanicsburg are trying to save the Chesapeake Bay. We are delighted to let you know that this site and this report will be used to help save the Bay. We are very concerned about the water and the animals. We are afraid there might not be enough habitats to sustain a lot of river life. Our school is thanking Mr. Irvin at our school to help you guys make the world a better place to live in.

Hi its us again. I have one question why does it matter how much money it takes to help save the bay. The bay is really important and isn't it worth saving the animals. Think about the animals and the bay......everyone is making it worse unless everyone pitches in together to help stop and prevent it from happening. I love you Chesapeake Bay........ You will get better soooooon

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