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Thanks for sharing!

What about cat food? ? ?

I'm stopping buying cat food w/chicken liver & throwing out what I have.


Keeping revenue for this period of time will not position a possibility to individual wellness and will provide time for pet manufacturers to recognize and move to other treatment techniques and will help ensure that pet wellness and health needs are met.

Safer to eat organic chicken. Donna you can buy organic cat food just google it. Organic means no chemicals, it's all natural.

I stopped eating meat let alone chicken. I will eat meat maybe in a few years however I will eat Buffalo meat.

OMG!!!I never expect this kind of meat contaminated with chemicals.It ledas to several health hazards to people who consume such food.I really thank the management for voluntarily aborting such chemical meat.In my opinion its better if stop eating non-veg but as it is highly impossible atleast please be careful while eating such foods...

Thanks for bringing awareness through this blog, I will try to reduce eating non-veg from today!

Of course companies do these things "voluntarily" all the time. Burglars (and politicians and coyotes) do the same thing. Just shine one of those big, long, powerful maglite beams on them and they voluntarily withdraw all the time. They withdraw even faster if you also rack a shotgun at the same time. Try it. You'll see.

So, Phizer made arsenic for chicken feed, a carcinogenic...then they manufactor drugs for our illness, at an enormous profit. Just another reason to go Vegan!

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