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These Farmers Are Leading the Way to a Saved Bay

Chesapeake News and Events


According to a study by Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, the oxygen-starved ‘dead zones’ of the Bay have been shrinking.  The encouraging news may point to the effectiveness of regional reductions in nutrient pollution. 

In other news:


Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities for the Bay

November 12

November 14 – Clean Water Week

  • Clean Water Week starts off in Easton at the Avalon Theatre with a public forum titled “Clean Water is Coming!”  Join the Maryland Chapter of the Sierra Club to discuss what the Eastern Shore is doing to stop water pollution.  This event is free and starts at 6 pm. 

November 15 – Clean Water Week

November 16 – Clean Water Week

November 17 – Clean Water Week

November 18 – Clean Water Week

  • Clean Water Week will end with the Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival at the Avalon Theatre.  Join the Midshore Riverkeeper Conservancy for an evening of festivities, food and drink, and a two hour film entitled “The Needed Time – Maryland’s Midshore Rivers.”  The event will start at 6 pm with a cost of $25 at the door. 

November 19

Adam Wickline

If you have an upcoming Bay-related restoration event and you need volunteers, please let us know: Do you enjoy working with fellow Bay Lovers to help save the Chesapeake? Become a CBF Volunteer to receive notifications about upcoming volunteer opportunities.  

 (Photo at top by NASA)



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