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Excellent article! good videos. Thanks for sharing this!

Great article, i really like it.

Interesting debate. Great site.

Opa, opa, opa Dr. Osmar Essa sua listagem este1 ecqivouada. 14 jogos do Corinthians aed em Se3o Paulo, porque aqui no Rio, do Corinthians ne3o passa nem jogo de totf3. Da mesma forma aed em SP com os jogos do Fla. Pode ter certeza que aqui no Rio seremos soberanos como sempre.Ah, e pode tirar o cavalinho da chuva se acha que o Flamengo vai fechar com a Globo pelo mesmo valor do Corinthians. O Flamengo fechare1 por uns 10 milhf5es a mais e isso je1 este1 acertado.Se o senhor quiser a gente faz uma aposta: Se o Fla fechar com um valor igual ou inferior ao do Corinthians, eu posto aqui no seu blog que sou Corinthiano apaixonado, mas se o valor for maior que o do Corinthinas o senhor faz um post dizendo que embora corinthiano, ama o Fla. Fechado?

Good bye, considerate soul mate :)

I must say that I don't understand the presime that the Pirates should be looking to 2011. Matt identifies 4 MLB-quality players that we can expect (hope) to see in the field (we have 5 now 6 if you think Freddy's 2008 is a fluke). As we know, there are effectively no MLB-quality arms in the pipeline (Tony Watson, I guess; maybe a couple other guys in A-ball, but why should we assume any of them will turn out better than Gorzo, JVB, or Bullington?).In other words, there is no concrete reason to expect this team to get better, rather than worse, in the future. Now, of course, if someone wants to give us real prospects for Bay/Nady/Marte/Wilson, that's worth looking at. But even fantasy trades say, Jurrjens for Wilson don't necessarily make this team better (Wilson's absence cost as many games as Jurrjens' presence would have gained us after all, coming out of Florida, Jair replaces Morris and Dumatrait, not Gorzo and Snell).What I hear when I read break up the Bucs is maybe every trade will gain us 2 MLB-quality players for 1. We all know that doesn't happen. Get rid of every veteran we have, and we'd be lucky to get back to even on them, talent-wise. In the short term, we're looking at 100 loss seasons, and in the long term, we're right back where we are a team a couple front-line starters away from contention.

I'm not terribly coinvncd that Bay will age well. When you have a bad season in your prime because of knee injuries it doesn't speak well of your ability to continue to perform when your knees naturally get worse.The point about Bay having lots of different skills and thus a likelihood of aging well is a good one. Usually players like that do age better. I'm not sure he's that player any longer, though. I don't give him a plus for his speed anymore, he has 6 SB this year, he had 4 last year and 11 the year before that. There was only season one season of 20 steals. As for average, he's usually around 280, which isn't particularly high. He's a bad fielder at this point in his career. He can still hit for power and gets on base, those are positive signs. But I wouldn't go so far as saying he's got a ton of different skills at this point.

What are you feeding him? Fufu alaedry? You must be giving him cream, not milk, Sarah! He's gorgeous! I still think Aili is Annaka unless they're together in a photo. It's bizarre! We miss you guys!The Stevensons

Hi Jan,Thank you for the link and positive press. Our dieegnsrs really enjoyed working on your branding and I am glad that it is working for you. Our holiday gift is a tradition for us so I am also pleased that your guests are enjoying it.My Best Wishes for your success!GeralynFounder, The Chesapeake Group

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In the last couple of years I've been buying only artificial trees that are made of eco friendly material.. I don't like cutting trees, I don't like seeing dead trees and I rather decorate my house with an artificial tree that looks just as good!

You will love a trip down there with Daniel, Vanessa! It was a truly wonderful trip with the kids so many aduvrtenes to be had, as well as the fabulous food. Hope we can catch up for a meal or even just a coffee before we head for the country! xo

before ,what is going in these Islands right now it is bigger than the pocile and the Government.These people who are doing the killings they are not doing this of there own free will they are DEMON POSSESSED .This need JESUS, every CHRUCHES that is in these Islands need to come together set a time very soon and sincronise there watches go to the main point of each district and put out some REAL HOLY GHOST PRAYER AND FASTING.But you know what all this stem from the Parents when the children stole things they did not tell them to take it back ,when they hit a teacher and the teacher diffend themselves parents go by the Schools made a big issues in the media and practically praising the kids for what they did. Some of you see your kids with Guns and know what they are doing,but guess what if they kill someone they are going to go back at them .Parents either you turn them in to save there lives or turn the GUNS in yourself,IF PARENTS DO NOT TAKE THIS IN HAND THEY ARE GOING LOOSE MORE OF THERE KIDS STOP TURNING A BLING EYE AND HELP YOUR LOST CHILD orsome more parent is going bto hold there belly and bawl.

this isn't fair Why is these people kinlig each other come on now manDon't yu think they have families I didn't noe Robert&Andrew like that but trust me I know Preston & he surely was 2 young to go & neither of them had 2 die in dat way Andrew haven't got to see his kids grow up & Preston haven't get to have his kids as yet come on man This shouldn't be like this what is going on really and people need STOP talking foolishness about it McKeeva fault or government I'm not in the politics but before McKeeva it wasn't NO BETTER & the government dont have nothing to do with the guns they aren't pulling triggers im one of the youngsters coming up in the community and surely isnt liking it at all this should be viewed on news

Hey, Dad (Uncle Sonny) is certainly givnig you props from above! He cut down 4 trees and mowed over most bushes (except the ones Mom liked). He must have passed that gene onto me. We are down to one tree, from five, and that one looks scared even when I have a scissor in hand.

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