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CNN Program: New Effort to Save the Bay Threatened By Industry Lobbyists

66 Percent of Bay Failed to Meet Water Quality Standards for Oxygen Last Summer

SedimentThe EPA Chesapeake Bay Program is reporting that dissolved oxygen levels in the Chesapeake Bay dropped last year to their lowest levels in four years, with 66 percent of the estuary failing to meet water quality standards for oxygen in the hot summer months.

“Last year’s heavy rains and even this year’s early algae blooms and fish kills reinforce the critical importance of controlling polluted runoff reaching the Bay’s waters,” said Nick DiPasquale, Director of the Chesapeake Bay Program.

The heavy runoff pollution last year (shown after a rain storm in the NASA satellite photo above) was another sign that new EPA pollution limits for the Chesapeake Bay, imposed in December 2010, need to be enforced and funded.

These limits, which require a 25 percent reduction in nutrient and sediment pollution entering the Bay by 2025, have been challenged in court and Congress by industry lobbying groups.  CBF is fighting to keep these pollution limits in place, and is supporting state plans to meet the limits that are like  blueprints for cleaning up the Bay.

For more information on the Bay Program’s new data on oxygen levels in the Bay, click here.

By Tom Pelton

Chesapeake Bay Foundation

(NASA satellite image of Bay)



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Last Summer I was up at the northern Bay and could hear the alarms go off. Sort of like a Air Raid siren. The locals said oh that means they are about to open the Dam. About an hour later the whole bay changed from Blue to chocolate brown. You could see it moving south.

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