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Yes, there is one confirmed fttaliay and possibly 2 others. Accident happened while a welder was welding on the #1 Blow Tank in the old mill. Blow tank blew up shattering Control Room windows and blowing the wooden wall that separates the #1 Brown Stocks from the #2 Brown Stocks. Also blew hole through the roof above the Blow Tank.

I love this kind of activity. Helping mother nature to cope with the unending pollutants coming to her from various sources. Good to see people doing activities like cleaning the bay. Keep it up!

I love the project with all the circles!

This is .... the Caymanian people and the paenrt of these gang members need to speak up and stop cussing the police there is so much and no more there are allowed to do. When you go to court get your facts together and make it match, how the hell can the law convict someone when there is two conflicting stories. This mass murdering will continue until all are gone but one who will then start this up all over again. paenrts save your young teach them right from the beginning we all know this don't work all the time but if you know your children is involved with gangs and doing wrong report it, turn them in (yes i would do it to mine) "tough love " it might save their life. Thank God i can say i don't have this problem). young men you are all losings your life over foolishness go to the police spill your guts serve your time it might save your life . ALL THIS KILLING MUST STOP NOW.

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I commend the participants of the Clean the Bay Day; they unselfishly devoted their time and resources in order to save Mother Nature. I hope more citizens will show their concern to the community by actively participating in activities like this. It is alarming that the piles of garbage that were collected were composed of plastic bottles, plastic bags and cigarette butts. Thus, it is an indication that the root cause of these problems stem from the people’s lack of discipline in disposing their trash. I hope people will become sensitive enough with the results of this activity.

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I'm glad someone is helping clean the ocean of all the human waste.

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You are soooo right! I have seen that so many times. I kind of want to smack people when I see that :)

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