Don't Stall Bay Cleanup Over Dam Problem
Bay Rebounds from Sandy

The Election and the Bay

WhitehouseThe 2012 election is over. The fight to save the Bay carries on.

The results from last night mean that the work the current Administration's EPA has been conducting with Chesapeake Bay region states to implement pollution limits for the Bay will continue.   There will be at least some level of consistency at the federal level in defending and putting into action these critically important pollution limits (also called the Bay “Total Maximum Daily Loads.”) The limits were issued by EPA in December 2010 and require a 25 percent reduction in nitrogen pollution and a 24 percent cut in phosphorus pollution into the Bay by 2025.

In response to these limits, the Bay region states have created cleanup plans that are like blueprints for restoring the health of the nation's largest estuary.  The plans call for the construction of stormwater pollution control systems in cities and counties; the implementation of runoff control practices on farms; upgrades to sewage treatment plants; and many other investments  to reduce pollution in our local streams and rivers.

These Chesapeake Bay Clean Water Blueprints are vital for the future of our entire region.

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation, a nonpartisan organization founded by conservationists of both parties, is determined to keep up our work for clean water regardless of who is in control of the White House and Congress. We have kept up our tireless advocacy, with Republican and Democratic administrations, for more than four decades.
Now our work continues, and only intensifies, as we seize this critical moment in time to build on the Chesapeake Bay Clean Water Blueprint.

By Tom Pelton

Chesapeake Bay Foundation


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A few weeks back there was an article on menhaden. after doing some research, the state of Va. is one of the biggest offenders of the relaxed fishing guidelines for this particular species. The State legislature oversees this fishery, and is easily corrupted by one company (Omega Protein) Who reduction harvests over 90% of this species total landings. The stock on this fishery is down 88% from 1984. Menhaden are filter feeders that clean 10 times more water than oysters. They clean the upper regions and the oysters and other benthic species clean up the bottom. When you consider the time line side by side with the health of the bay, light goes off. Menhaden are the prey species for striped bass, tuna, bluefish, egrets, pelicans, dolphins, sharks, and others. They are considered to be the most important fish in the sea. The are the most harvested fish in the New World. Many of their products can easily be replaced by soy bean oil or other substitutes.The owner of this company owns the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Manchester United Soccer team, the Chesapeake's expense as well as the many lost jobs. There needs to be a scientific agency involved with the management of this species, not a bunch of political know nothings.

Well said, Jeff! The Chesapeake Bay Foundation is working hard for restrictions on industrial menhaden harvests, because the fish are so important as a food source for other species and as a filter feeder in the estuary.

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