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Cast Your Vote! Should Softshell Crab Become the Maryland State Sandwich?

Soft shell crab sandwichMaryland has an official state fish (the striped bass), a state crustacean (the blue crab), a state flower (the black-eyed susan), even a state drink (milk). That last one was a surprise to me, as I had always assumed that the official state beverage was Natty Boh.

But here’s the big question:  Is Maryland big enough -- and important enough -- to deserve an official state sandwich? 

A state legislator has introduced a bill that would designate the softshell crab sandwich the official Maryland sandwich.

On one hand, the designation would be a tip of the hat to the hardworking Chesapeake Bay watermen (although whether it would actually boost sales or prices of softshell crabs remains in question).  But on the other hand, would it encourage overharvesting of crabs? 

And what about the pastrami lobby?

Cast your votes! 

Give me a thumbs up or thumbs down in the comment section below.

Tom Pelton

Chesapeake Bay Foundation

(Photo from iStockphoto)


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Surely those people have better things to do and accomplish, than worry about a state sandwich!

Thumbs down. Leave those poor crabs alone!


If Maryland is "big" enough to have a National Anthem from here then why not a state sandwich. "Important Enough"? Wow, hard to believe that is even a question. "To deserve"? Another wow. The only sandwich that should be considered is the internationally known Maryland crab cake sandwich. yee ha

I'm kinda with you, Len. Do we really need a state drink, (milk?) How about an official state sock color?

Don't forget the state desert, Smith Island Cake. Maybe it's the reason why the state drink is milk and not beer, even though crabs came first.

If we must have a state sandwich it almost has to be a softy, either that or scrapple? But that should be reserved for our state breakfast. After all you know you need that next..

oyster fritter definitely

Yes!! Maryland is big enough and important enough to rate a state sandwich:-) And could anything be more indigenous or delicious than a Maryland Softshell Crab sandwich? I live for softie season, as I suspect many other folks do as well. Bring it on!!

Softshell crab sandwich is hands down the Md state sandwich . crab cakes are not for sandwiches and was started outside of Md .

soft shell, dredged in flour and pan fried in a well used iron slkillet :D

Crabcake sandwich should be the MD State
sandwich (as much as I personally love soft shells!)

Love me some softcrabs, but it should be the #1-B State Sandwich. Crabcake sandwich should be #1-A.

Okay, either soft shell wins -- or (as they say in the cartoons) I offer the knuckle sandwich.

Ooooh! Tough choice between a crab cake and a soft crab! OooooH! Soft Crab wins!

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