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Time for Some Virginia ‘Ataboys

Return of the "Name the Critter" Contest!

WigglersLike a ghost crab pot in the Chesapeake Bay, the Bay Daily "Name the Critter" contest has washed up again.

The first reader to correctly identify the denizens at left will win a free Chesapeake Bay Foundation t-shirt. 

To compete, you must enter your guesses as comments below. Ready, set, go!

UPDATE: They are juvenile American eels, also called "glass eels."  And the winner is K. Faull. . Congratulations!



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Elvers? (baby eels...)

Glass eel

Awww, they beat me!

Glass eels

(juvenile American eels)

American eel, 2nd stage


Anguilla rostrata

Ahhh...they beat me again!

Juvenile Glass Eels

rice noodles on steroids



Juvenile Shrimp Eels.


Baby american eels

American eels

American eel hatchlings Also known as glass eels

Atlantic Eels.

Water snakes

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