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Goodman & Co. Employees Make An Impact on Earth Day

Photo by Bill Portlock Earth Day, in four different locations (Frederick, MD; Roanoke, VA; Richmond, VA; and Virginia Beach, VA) an army of CBF staff led restoration activities with the regional public accounting firm Goodman & Company. More than 400 Goodman folks participated at one of the locations. The Earth Day event was an important component of Goodman's three-year, $300,000 investment in CBF's Education Programs. 

This group of accountants wanted to do more that just write a check to support CBF—they wanted to get involved in our efforts to Save The Bay and that they did!

I have been told that this is the largest Earth Day activity CBF has ever organized in Virginia; I cannot speak for Maryland. Regardless, it was a HUGE effort that was a great success. Here are some of the highlights:
•         1200 trees were planted (800 in MD, 400 in VA)
•         2400 plugs of beach grass were planted in VA
•         1 rain barrel was constructed
•         1 butterfly garden was constructed
•         4 dumpsters of trash were collected
•         LOTS of non-native honey suckle was removed
•         100 native honey suckle plants were planted
•         1 snake was spotted!
•         Hundreds of smile were seen

Check out photos on our Flickr site.

Goodman employees, tell us what it was like.


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