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This in from the Wildlife Promise blog --

"The EPA is collecting public testimony from citizens like you about the effects that global warming is having on you, your family and your community, and they really want to hear from you-- wildlife and nature enthusiasts-- who see firsthand how climate change is effecting your garden, your backyard, your parks and the natural world you live in."

The message isn't just for wildlife enthusiasts -- personalize your message to reflect your concern for the Chesapeake Bay, its critters, and its ecosystems.


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Timothy Colman

"Horticultural fine art!" -- Sunset Magazine

"Beautiful work illustrating low impact development practices. Finally-- the power of pictures to help us clean up storm water." David, Stewardship Partners

Hi from Good Nature in Seattle

I have three new posters that should be useful for Low Impact Development team's work. Who should I talk with there @ CFB?

See Love Your Stream for kids, Low Impact Living poster below it, and the beautiful Rain Garden art.

for the Love Your Stream poster and below it the Low Impact Living -- featuring Top Ten Stormwater actions people can take to clean water.

And here is our bestselling Rain Garden poster -- perfect for this time of year when establishing rain gardens is crucial.

Can you please tell me who orders your outreach and education materials?

I have a special introductory offer today for CBF

$14.99/$25 laminated
Buy any 2 get 2 free
Order 50 or more for $7 ea
Order 100 today for $2.50 ea
Get 1000 for $1.99 ea

And as you probably know, you get NPDES credit from EPA when you use these materials.

Beautiful art teaching about important storm water practices.

Who should I talk with today?

Thanks for your help.

I can be reached by simply replying to this email or calling me @ 206 622 9522


best fishes,

Timothy Colman

PS Save over 80% when you order these beautiful stormwater practices teaching tools today. Over 50,000 Good Nature storm water posters teaching across Washington and Oregon today.

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