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Oysters Grow in Students' "Bay Backpack"

Special by Vicki Dabrowka, whose third graders at Eagle Cove Elementary School are part of CBF's oyster gardening program.

Oysters2_blogphoto The world truly is our oyster in third grade. After a-half-dozen years of being affiliated with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation's Oyster Gardening Program, it has been our third grade tradition to help raise oysters and return these natural filters to the Bay. All year long, students raise oyster spat, weekly checking the water's temperature, salinity, and clarity while also measuring, monitoring, and charting the spat's growth. Donning life jackets, students trek down to the dock each week to tend to this routine chore—but hardly a chore it is seen to be! 

Read Vicki's full blog post—and find out what other cool things kids are learning on the Bay—at the Bay Backpack blog.

Vicki Dabrowka is a third grade teacher and co-"Green Team"leader at Eagle Cove School in Pasadena, Maryland. She is also the author of "The Green Team Gazette," a blog on green living & green educating. 


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medieval dress

wow.. This really is a great idea. Not only that they help preserve and protect oysters, The children will have a sense of awareness and responsibility too. :) Keep up the good work guys..

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