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Photo Credit: Courtesy of Craig Mosier.

Maryland native and CBF long-time supporter Craig Mosier, shown above with his son Ryan, reflects on why the Chesapeake Bay is so important to him and future generations. 

Over 34 years of swimming, boating, and fishing in the Bay, I’ve made a very personal connection with the Chesapeake. Growing up I spent many afternoons with my parents boating, and now I enjoy the opportunity to do the same with my children. I can’t tell you the value I place on sharing my love of the water with my sons and watching them enjoy these experiences.

Through organizations like the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) we can continue to support the Bay and those who make their living on it. And hopefully, one day, my sons’ children will be able to boat and fish these same waters with the same joy that I have.

Please vote now at to help CBF continue to protect and restore our Chesapeake waters and provide vital educational opportunities to our children!

—Craig Mosier, CBF member and an agent with Liberty Mutual

By voting on Facebook you can help CBF win $30,000 to go toward its Baltimore Harbor Education Program. Click here to learn more about this important campagin.


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Gene Deems

Another way you can help the Chesapeake Bay is by planting trees. Can you help Maryland State Parks by planting a virtual tree? For each vote cast, Maryland DNR receives $1 to plant trees in Maryland State Parks.
Here is the link:

For the full press release and video please visit:

Please share this great opportunity to help the Parks with your friends and family.

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