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Photo of the Week: Havre de Grace Sunrise


Photo by Ed Rybczynski/

"My wife and I are fortunate enough to live in a waterfront condo in the town of Havre de Grace, Maryland. Our unit, which is very near the Concord Point Lighthouse, has a view of those wondrous transitional waters where the Susquehanna River becomes the Chesapeake Bay.

Earlier this year, I decided to take daily sunrise photos from the Havre de Grace shoreline for an entire year, weather permitting. I'm happy to say that the six month mark is quickly approaching. All the photos can be viewed on a Facebook page named 'Havre de Grace Sunrise 365.'

I took this particular photo because I love the color of the hull of the boat on the right. The red is so vibrant and robust that I wanted to emphasize it in a sunrise image. After the photo was shared on-line, friends found a deeper meaning: 

Havre de Grace Marina is very old school Havre de Grace and very representative of the way the town's shoreline might have looked decades ago. It's actually a glimpse of the culture of the town's past. It's not a yacht basin, it could be accurately described as a boatyard more than a marina. In stark contrast, you can see condos in the background of the photo. They are located in Perryville on the opposite shore of the Susquehanna River and very much characterize the modern-day development on the Bay. 

While growing up, my family had a shore home on Bear Creek. I spent the summers of my youth boating, fishing, crabbing, swimming, etc. My wife, Andrea, had a similar experience growing up on the shores of the South River just outside of Annapolis. It could be said that we are children of the Chesapeake Bay. We wanted our son, Adam, to have the opportunity to embrace the Chesapeake Bay lifestyle and all that it has to offer. He has!"

—Ed Rybczynski

Do you have a favorite Bay photo you'd like to submit to our Photo of the Week contest? Join the Chesapeake Bay Foundation's Flickr group or post to our Facebook page. We look forward to seeing your pics! 


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