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Photo of the Week: Crossing the Rappahannock

FredericksburgBridgePhoto by John Breslin. 

"This picture is one of my favorites. It's of the CSX Bridge that crosses the Rappahannock River in Fredericksburg. It was taken from the City Dock Park at the end of Sophia Street in late summer 2007.

Just two weeks ago we were exploring across the Rappahannock from the park where the picture of the CSX railroad bridge was taken. We discovered that the Ferry Farm where George Washington lived, from age 11 through 21 years, was directly across the river and that the ferry crossed from that farm to the park where the picture was taken. Furthermore, that's where Washington threw, or skipped a coin across the river and where he chopped the cherry tree down.

It's difficult to say what the Bay means to me. I've owned a house on the Bay since 1976 at Holland Point. I used to sail a very small sailboat in Herring Bay before almost anyone else sailed there. The Bay is beautiful, dangerous, a wonderful place for recreation, to make a living...the Bay is a complex living organism, like our bodies. CBF is doing a great job, against enourmous odds, of trying to keep it healthy. Keep up the good work!"

--John Breslin

Do you have a favorite Bay photo you'd like to submit to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation's Photo of the Week contest? Send your digital images to CBF's E-Communications Manager, Emmy Nicklin, at enicklin [at sign] cbf.org,along with a brief description of where and when you took the photo, and what the Chesapeake Bay means to you. Please also join our Chesapeake Bay Foundation's Flickr group and post your pics to our Facebook page. We look forward to seeing your photos!


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Chanel Wallet

is a map available which shows the low oxygen areas of the Bay?

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