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Making a Difference from the Sweetest Place on Earth

Ally Beitzel is a 3rd grader at Hershey Elementary School in Hershey, Pennsylvania. While it's true that Ally quite possibly lives in the sweetest place on Earth, that hasn’t stopped this 9-year old from recognizing the importance of clean water throughout the whole Chesapeake Bay Watershed and beyond.

This past spring, Ally entered The Hershey Company’s Kids’ Water Art Contest, which was one of several Earth Day initiatives sponsored by The Hershey Company. The goal for participants was simple—create an original drawing that depicts what clean water means to them. Entries were broken out by age group, with $2,000 donations being made by The Hershey Company on behalf of the winners to the charity of their choice.

Lucky for us, Ally won her age group and chose CBF!

The contest was right up Ally’s, well, alley. As an aspiring artist, Ally loves to draw and has hopes of being a professional artist one day. When asked why having clean water is so important to her, Ally responded that without clean water and a clean Bay, the animals and wildlife she’s come to love would be in real danger.

Not content to simply rest on her recent drawing accomplishments, Ally passed along a great tip that she practices every day. When brushing her teeth, she always makes sure to turn the faucet off while brushing. And let’s face it, all that water adds up, especially when you’re brushing in the sweetest place on Earth!

As an artist or as a conservationist, one thing is for sure—Ally will have an impact on creating a brighter future for us all.

Thank you, Ally!

—Kirk Swanson

Learn more about our efforts to Save the Bay and waters we love through the Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint!


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