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December 05, 2012


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Ron Herring

CBF...........what a crock....all I have ever seen you do to the bay is destroy the very essence of the bay........You have bad science and poor taste while trying to force the lies of of others on innocent working people that know more of the day to day happenings and the trends of the cyle of fishing that you can gather wasting tax payers money and the people you doupe into contributing to a worthless organization.

Dave Rose

Scientist are the problem.Marylands moratoriam on rockfish. And the soon to follow virgiania moratoriam in the 70,s screwed up everything.The rockfish ate the crabs and put a strain on menhaden.The notill farming killed the grass. WHERE WERE THE SCIENTIST WHEN THOSE CHEMICALS WERE BEING CREATED AND APPROVED. Probably threatend by polititans of research money being cut if they did there jod.If the CCA advocates really want to help the fishery release all the cow fish that represent half a million eggs or more....THE MARINE SCIENTIST SHOULD CONVINCE THE GOVERMENT TO PLANT MORE OYSTERS.Would the CCA croneys complain that the oysters are eating the menhadens food?

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