Spring Open House, Saturday April 29th


Would you (or someone you know) like to learn more about the organic vegetables we grow here at Clagett Farm?  Know anyone who wants a free hay ride tour?  Would you like to pet some adorable baby sheep?  Come to the Spring Open House!  Everyone is welcome.  Saturday April 29th, noon to 4:00pm.    

We still have memberships open in our 26-week organic vegetable CSA, so we would love it if you could invite people in the area who might be interested in purchasing our produce.

 All of the activities are free.  

Mixer meltdown--no pizza Saturday

We are still planning to have the hayride tours and cow/sheep visits on Saturday.  The lambs are friendly and adorable!  But we will not have pizza.  

At about the time that we made the pizza oven and started making more than 20 pizzas at a time, Rob discovered that he needed the help of an electric mixer to make the dough.  So we borrowed my mother's KitchenAid, which started to overheat.  Then we went out on a limb and bought a Professional-grade KitchenAid, which has a more powerful motor.  Last year for the Burgers and Brews for the Bay event, Rob made dough for 200 pizzas.  He had two mixers going and kept bags of ice on the motors to keep them cool.  But now the Professional grade mixer has overheated and broken.  

We will fix the motor, but considering that pizza dough seems to be the equivalent of a summit climb of Mount Everest for a mixer, we've ordered a Commercial grade version.  Why is a Commercial grade motor stronger than a Professional grade?  Who knows, but they assure us it is.  

Unfortunately, we don't think it will arrive in time to make all the dough for Saturday, so we're not promising pizzas for the Open House.  We considered kneading the dough by hand, but we have lots of crops to plant, and they take priority.  Our first week of harvest is coming soon!  

 Stay tuned, for more pizza news, and in the meantime, we look forward to seeing you Saturday.


(Photo below: the mixer that just wasn't up to the task...)


Clagett Farm Spring Open House THIS SATURDAY, 1-4pm


Ready to get friendly with some sheep?  In the mood for some pizza, hot from the clay oven?  Do you know someone who would enjoy a hayride?  

It's all happening this Saturday at Clagett Farm!  

Saturday April 30th, 1:00-4:00pm.  Entrance and hayrides are free, and open to everyone.

11904 Old Marlboro Pike, Upper Marlboro MD 20772 

We'd love to see you!

New CSA members, you're especially encouraged to come get to know your farmers.  Our fellow Upper Marlboro residents, we also send you a special welcome to get to know Clagett Farm.


Spring Open House at the Farm and More Updates

Farmer carrie swiss chard
This image of Swiss chard is from Farmer Carrie on Instagram

Join us on Saturday, April 30, from 1 to 4 pm, for a spring open house at Clagett Farm. That day we invite our members and the general public to join us at the farm for tours and hayrides, and you can meet our new baby lambs! The event is free and open to the public. Feel free to bring your friends! We hope to be able to send members home that day with some greens. 

Here are a few more updates for you:

Know someone looking for a CSA? Speaking of friends, we still have a few slots available in this year's CSA. Know someone who might want them? Send them our way!

Curious about what the weather means for this year's CSA season? Over the weekend Farmer Carrie shared on the blog some thoughts about our recent cold weather and what it means for our crops. Check it out!

2016 Chesapeake Foodshed Feast is April 21. Future Harvest is hosting their Chesapeake Foodshed Feast in a few weeks. Get all the details on the blog

First Share: May 11 + 14. We expect to kick off this year's CSA season on May 11 and May 14 with our first shares of the season. More on that as we get closer!

Other questions or comments? Let us know!


Kale Cook Off! Sunday June 7th


Ever feel like you have enough kale to fill a bathtub?  No?  Just us?  

After all these years of swimming in kale, we thought it would be fun to find out which kale recipes really knock our socks off.  And we know that many of YOU have favorite kale recipes.  Since we'll use anything as an excuse for a party, let's have a kale party.  



Who? Everyone!  People who don't know how to cook kale.  People who need some new ideas for preparing kale.  And people who already have some great ideas for cooking kale.  You can invite your friends, neighbors, co-workers, the people who brought that great kale salad to the pot luck last year...

When?  Sunday June 7, 2015, 3:00pm - 6:00pm

Where?  Clagett Farm, of course.  11904 Old Marlboro Pike, Upper Marlboro MD 20772.  If the weather is nice, we'll be in the Washing Station area, outside.  If it's raining, we'll move into the Education Barn, which is the largest of the 3 barns in a row--can't miss it.  

Price?  Free, for any household who brings a kale dish and the recipe.  $5 per person if you don't.  Reservations are required for all (paying or not) by Friday noon, June 5th.  Friday afternoon we'll send a note to everyone signed up to let you know how many servings or ounces we need you to bring of  your dish.  

Kale Rules?  The main ingredient of your dish must be kale.  Other than that, you can do as you please.  We welcome kale salads, stews, soups, chips, smoothies, and even desserts.   We'll expect you to prepare enough so every attendee can sample a few ounces.  You can include meat, dairy, eggs, or other allergens, as long as we know what's in it.  Also, please bring a serving utensil, if needed (such as a soup spoon or tongs). 

Recipe Rules?  Everyone who brings a kale dish should also bring the recipe for that dish.  Please print it on a 5"x7" card (or a half sheet of office paper).  Credit the source, if it was published.  If you have adjusted the recipe from the original, then the source is you.   

Can I keep get copies of the recipes I like most?  After the event, we'll scan the recipes into a booklet, which we can mail you at a discount if you give us advanced payment at the event (enough to cover printing and mailing costs--probably $5).  We'll also have copies at the CSA pick-ups.    

Prizes?  We'll vote on our favorites, and there will be multiple categories.  Winners will get a free copy of the recipe book (and bragging rights, of course).  Don't be intimidated--the point of this occasion is to have fun and try new foods, so the more dishes the merrier.    

What if the dish needs to be hot?  We'll have a few camping stoves and some chafing dishes that can keep food warm, as long as it's hot when you bring it.    

Dress?  This is a very relaxed, informal event.  

Kids welcome?  Yes!  In fact, kids will get their own special ballot. 

Dogs welcome?  Sorry, not this time.  

OK, start practicing folks.  There's lots of kale to harvest soon, and we want your best ideas!



Join Us for the Spring Open House: Saturday May 9!

Clagett spring open house

Things are looking green out here on Clagett Farm, so we're announcing our Spring Open House, happening Saturday, May 9. We hope you can join us! 

The event will run from 1-4 p.m. There will be hay rides and field tours and we'll show off our six brand new sheep, who will be thrilled to meet you. CSA members will be able to take a seedling. This is a free event, open to the public. Please join us! 

For members who are unable to make it, we look forward to seeing you at the first CSA pick-ups of the season. We hope the first pickup will happen Wednesday, May 13 (farm and Dupont pick-ups) and Saturday, May 16 (at the farm). We're not 100% confident of that date yet. Expect to get more information about that, and everything you need to know for the first pick-up, shortly. 

We look forward to seeing you all on May 9!

~ Farmer Carrie


Upcoming events for farmers, gardeners and consumers looking for new skills

This is the season for farmers to attend conferences and workshops, to hone our skills or give us new ideas.  There's also some interesting workshops for gardeners and consumers.  A few have passed already, but here's some coming up.  If you have a budding farmer in your life, you might want to pass this along.

  • Future Harvest is holding a workshop series on Wednesday evenings north of Baltimore for people who would like to start a small, commercial farm.  The first one is in a week on January 28, 2015.
  • The Virginia Biological Farming conference will be held in Richmond January 29-31, 2015. 
  • The Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture conference will be in State College, PA, February 3-7, 2015.  
  • Maryland Organic Food and Farming Association will hold its annual meeting February 21, 2015 in Annapolis, MD.
  • And Rooting DC will hold its annual forum on February 28, 2015.  Of all of the events I've mentioned, this one is the closest to most of you, and has the most information for gardeners and consumers, as opposed to farmers.  

If you know of similar events that I haven't listed, note them in the comments here.  

Happy winter workshops!