August means tomatoes
Sunflower Series


<p>It's turning out to be a hot summer and the heat makes a hard job even harder. In the previous two summers we were fortunate not to have any days with temperatures over 100 degrees. Not so this summer. Our Wash Station thermometer already registered at least three (probably four, I didn't check today) days with maximums over 100 degrees in the shade.</p> <p>Yesterday I came back to the farm from the Anacostia Farmers Market sometime after eight o'clock in the evening. I checked the thermometer and saw that the high just reached over 100 degrees. As I was unloading the van I felt tired. Then I saw Michael Heller and Rob Vaughn pulling out in tractors with wagons full of bailed hay. They looked dirty, sweaty and tired. There was no comparison. I had it really easy.</p> <p>And despite all this, we still get volunteers and worksharers who brave the heat and come to the farm to help us with the harvest. Understandably, not as many as when the weather was cooler, but they still come. Thanks!</p>


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