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What's the Weather Like at the Farm?


One of the effects of belonging to a CSA like Clagett is that you start noticing the weather more. When it rains, you don't just think, "Oh, I need an umbrella." You think, "This will be good for the zucchini!"

And you may find yourself wondering what exactly the weather is at the farm. Well, now you don't have to: The Clagett Weather Network is now live.

CSA member Lucy wrote in to explain the weather network and to share the above photo.

The device pictured above has been placed in a potato field on the farm, and it serves as a soil moisture/temperature station.

The soil moisture station has sensors at two depths, in two types of locations:

  • 1:  Temperature and moisture at about 8 inches, in a spot with mulch cover
  • 2:  Temperature and moisture at about 18 inches, also in soil with mulch cover.  This location most slowly responds to changing conditions.  The day's rhythm is hardly apparent at all.
  • 3:  Temperature and moisture at about 7 inches, in a spot without mulch cover.  This location most quickly senses changing conditions.  Every day, this record shows the rhythm of the day's temperature.
  • 4:  Temperature and moisture at about 17 inches, also without mulch cover.

You can see the data from the sensors, plus today's highs and lows, as well as the current weather live on the WeatherLink site. And if you're a Clagett superfan and you have an Android or iPhone, there's also a free app available


-- Clay





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Lucy Hancock

Rebecca, I have some spare telescopes - do you think we can persuade CBF that a little observatory would be just an excellent thing? - Lucy

Rebecca Hoop

Awesome! Now Clagett just needs its own Clear Sky Chart so I know whether or not to pack the telescope. ;-)

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