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Canning Workshops: Sign Up Now!

(This photo from CSA Member Krossbow on Flickr


For the past three years one of our CSA Members, Susan Sanders, has generously offered to lead a canning workshop for other CSA members. The classes take place in her home kitchen in the Dupont Circle area and serve as a great primer on the basics of canning tomatoes, jams, relishes and other high acid foods. The workshop is great for demystifying the canning process, and giving you some hands on experience. If you have any interest in canning, we highly recommend you attend a workshop. Space is limited, so sign up ASAP!

When:  Sunday, August 12 and Sunday, September 9 (choose one), 2pm.  Plan to stay at least until 4pm, or later to see a little extra. 

Where:  Susan lives near Dupont Circle in DC.  We'll give you more details when you sign up. 

Sign up by sending an email to Susan with your preferred date.  Classes are limited to 6 participants each. 

Cost:  Susan only charges a $5 fee for supplies, which includes some photocopies and a jar of something you've made.  Keep in mind that no one is licensed, insured, or paid for this activity. Susan offers this class to you because many of our members have asked over the years, and she is willing to do it.  Thank you Susan! 

If you have any questions, please leave them here on the blog!




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