This Week's Share: Three Shares till the end of the season!
Picnic this Saturday

Unless you hear from us again, no share on Tuesday

Forecasts at the moment are indicating heavy wind and rain through Tuesday.  No one wants to stand in 50 mph wind and sideways rain to pick up their pile of arugula, so let's just assume there is no share on Tuesday.  We'll reassess on Monday evening.  If the storm has passed and it will be reasonable weather on Tuesday afternoon, then we'll send out an e-mail and post on our blog that the share is on again.  If your power is out and you can't see either of those, you can also call our field phone on Tuesday (301-537-3038).   

It doesn't look like there's a frost coming this week, so all those greens, daikon and the bit of eggplant remaining will probably fare just fine out there.  We should be back in business on Saturday, so Tuesday folks are welcome to come Saturday to pick up the missed share, or take a double share our last Tuesday (Nov 6).  

Stay safe, everyone!




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