This Week's Share: Final Share of the Season
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Gleaning starts today!

Photo from CSA Member Krossbow on Flickr.
And no, cows are not available for gleaning. 


At the end of each CSA season, we offer for members to come and glean, taking what is left of certain crops. That gleaning starts today and runs through Sunday

As we've cautioned in the past, gleaning is not for everyone.  You'll be picking it yourself, and because the pickings are sometimes slim, it will take a long time to get a significant amount of anything. If you plan to come we suggest that you:

  • Bring a knife to make cutting the salad greens easier
  • Bring bags for the vegetables
  • Wear sturdy shoes
  • Be prepared to walk about a quarter mile to get from your car to the field.  

With those disclaimers out of the way, we'll say that the weather has been unseasonably cold recently! Luckily, we have some tasty cold-hardy crops still in the fields and available for gleaning between today and Sunday. They are:


Cabbages in field A4. There are 4 varieties, including:

  • Alcoss, a round green cabbage with wrinkly leaves
  • Farao, a round green cabbage with smoother leaves
  • Red express, a round red cabbage with smoother leaves
  • Rubikon, an oblong green Napa/Chinese cabbage


Greens in field A5, including: 

  • Arugula
  • Spicy mix (mustards)
  • Mizuna (mustard)
  • Tat soi (mustard)
  • Southern giant (mustard)

The mustard greens have especially sharp flavors at this point in the season. The sharpness will mellow a bit with cooking.

Daikon radishes in field F, between the high tunnel and the woods. The daikon are plentiful and great for pickling, in coleslaws and salads, roasting, and when combined with mashed potatoes.

Swiss Chard in field G2, adjacent to the washing station. There are two kinds:

  • The fordhook giant variety has white stems
  • The rainbow variety has multi-colored stems

And there are still plentiful herbs in the herb beds that you're welcome to pick: oregano, sorrel, parsley, onion chives, anise hyssop, thyme, lemon balm, sage, garlic chives, and mint.

Members who come for gleaning will find a list of what’s available and directions to the fields written on the dry-erase board at the washing station. You will also see a list of items that we ask you not to glean (broccoli and cauliflower are among those items not available for gleaning). On Friday, folks can find staff members at the farm. On Saturday, no CSA staff members are working so you'll be on your own.

Enjoy the gleaning! 




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