Unless you hear from us again, no share on Tuesday
Win a share in next year's CSA. Raffle tickets just $10

Picnic this Saturday

We're so relieved the storm passed us by without affecting us much at all.  In fact we could have harvested for you on Tuesday, but I'd already told all the staff and volunteers to stay home.  Yes, I do feel a little guilty, but not too guilty. 

So let's make up for lost time.  Come on over on Saturday to pick up your missed share.  We'll have a little picnic to celebrate a great season and Sandy's departure.  Meet us at the Education Barn--not at the washing station (we'll have signs to direct you).

You could take a double share on Tuesday (11/6) instead, but you'll be voting, and if voting day is anything like early voting has been, the lines will be LONG.

When you come on Saturday, don't forget to bring:

  • Warm clothes!  Stay bundled up so you'll have fun.
  • A little cash
  • Picnic blanket, plates, cups, bowls, spoons, forks, drinks, food (all optional)
  • Musical instrument, if you want to join the pick-up band
  • Something to donate that we can sell (did you knit a warm pair of mittens, bake brownies, make some cards with fun farm photos?)

You can find more info about Saturday's Fall Picnic in our previous post here.

To recap, there are 3 harvest days left in the season:  this Saturday, this Tuesday, and next Saturday (11/10).  See you then!



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