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This Week's Share: Final Share of the Season

Win a share in next year's CSA. Raffle tickets just $10

Basket with share 2005
Think you might buy a share in our CSA next year?  Think you might donate some money so we can give more food away to people in need?  You should buy a raffle ticket!  Or 10 raffle tickets! 

The winner of our raffle gets one share next year (value: $515-$625, depending on pick-up site and if it is a new or returning member).  You can keep it for yourself or give it to a friend.

You can buy your tickets in person with cash or check (made out to the Capital Area Food Bank).  Or you can go to this fancy web site we just set up and buy tickets on-line!  http://www.razoo.com/story/Clagett-Farm-Raffle?referral_code=share  The one issue we've noticed with this web site is it gives you the choice of a one-time donation, or a recurring one (weekly, monthly or annually).  While we love recurring donations, only the money you pay before December 1 will count toward raffle tickets.  And be sure to donate in $10 increments, since we can't issue half tickets. 

Income from the raffle will help us donate more produce, and your purchase is tax-deductible.

Please note that we are planning to change our pick-up day from Tuesdays to WEDNESDAYS next year.  If you win a share, you can choose any of the three options:

  • Clagett Farm Saturdays, 1-4pm
  • Clagett Farm WEDNESDAYS, 3-7pm
  • near Dupont Circle WEDNESDAYS, 5-7pm

(Shifting the harvest day from Tuesday to Wednesday will allow a little more growing time between the Saturday and Wednesday harvest, which helps because we divide that harvest among more shares.  It also allows us to shift the Dupont pick-up back to our original 5-7pm time slot.)

If you know anyone who wants to buy a share for the first time next year for pick-up at Dupont, this is a great way for them to increase their chances of getting one of those shares, since they sell out so fast.  Tell your friends to buy raffle tickets!

On-line purchases can be made until December 1, 2012, and we'll draw the winner on Monday December 3rd.  We'll post the name of the winner here on the blog (www.cbf.org/clagettfarmnotes) and we'll also contact the winner directly by e-mail. 

By the way, if you are a current member, and you want to buy a share for next year the regular old way, don't worry.  We'll email you in January and ask you to sign up again.  Just make sure the e-mail address we have for you (which you gave us this past winter) is still accurate. 

Good luck, everyone, and thanks!!



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