Tweaking the farm's relationship with the Capital Area Food Bank and Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Renewals sent; split a share?


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Hi Carrie,
Another satisifed CSA member here who didn't get the e-mail with the re-sign up link. Looking forward to the CSA again this year! Is there somewhere else I should go to make sure I get the sign up link?

Thank you!

Jennifer Hammond

Hi Carrie - We didn't get our email either and want to make sure we sign up again.

Farmer Carrie

I just sent it, Sue. Let me know when you recieve it. Thanks!


Hi Carrie, We didn't get an invitation email either but we definitely want to sign up again. Thanks, Sue

Farmer Carrie

Rozanne, Wendy and Mary,
I've re-sent e-mails to each of you. Reply to me when you get them so I'll know we reached you. Thanks!

Mary Graham-Fisher

Hi. I didn't receive the invite/sign-up either. Is there any additional news?
Hope your webmaster feels better soon.
Thanks, ~Mary Graham-Fisher

Wendy Woods

We didn't receive one either. Just want to make sure we're still on the list. :-) We definitely want to sign up again!

Rozanne Wijesinghe

Carrie, it is tuesday and I haven't got my sign up email either.

Farmer Carrie

The invitation e-mail wasn't sent to some of our members who are designated by CBF as preferring no e-mails. I'm working on sending e-mails to those people via our old system, and I'll double-check to see if you're on that list. Then I'll send some instructions for how to adjust the "no e-mails" designation. Thanks for checking up!

Kathy O'Master

Was it sent and I missed it or is the flu still in control?


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