Will trade help at pick-up for veggies
One Week From Today: Preview of the First Shares of the Season

Meet 'n' Greet Saturday May 4th

A week from Saturday, 1:00-4:00pm, come visit us on the farm!  You're invited to our Meet 'n' Greet.  If you are a new CSA member or a curious potential customer or volunteer, this is a perfect chance to meet the farmers and get a free hay ride to the cows and chickens.  Returning members are welcome too!  You can skip the part at the washing station where we explain to the newbies how to get a share.  

Our friend Holly Poole-Kavana, who plants the medicinal herb bed near the washing station, will be there to help anyone who would like to know which herbs are which and how to use them.  You are welcome to you-pick from her garden during the season, so please take advantage of this chance to find out what might help you fight a cold, soothe your allergies, heal a cut, or all kinds of other remedies. 

If we have some lettuce or spinach to pick for you, we will give it out as a bonus to the CSA members who come.  But the weather has been cool this spring (except for a few notable weeks earlier this month), so our greens are slow to get started.  There's a good chance we won't have anything to give out yet.   

Can't make it?  Don't worry, we'll have another opportunity for hay rides in the fall.  

Photos from Krossbow on Flickr




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