2013 Year-End Summary

Wrapping Up the 2013 Season: Will You Take the Member Survey?

I hope you all have had a wonderful Thanksgiving (or Thanksgivukkah).  I spent a week puttering, baking cookies, and otherwise forgetting all about the little nagging tasks that still have to be done to finish the season (such as mulching the garlic and putting an 8-foot-tall fence around the new patch of strawberries).  It feels a little like climbing out from under a pile of sand--I feel much lighter (which is unlikely, given the cookies). 

We have a few things to mention before we say farewell to 2013:


If your family enjoys a trip to a farm to cut your own Christmas tree, go no further than your very own Clagett Farm.  We have all sizes ($40) and some lovely handmade wreaths ($30).  Weekends are best:  10am-2pm.  We have free hayrides,  marshmallows to roast, cookies, and the weather has been wonderful.  Also, my 5-year-old daughter has been making pine cone owl ornaments that she is excited to give everyone.    


CSA members, we need your feedback!  This year the survey is a mere 8 questions long.  I'm trying this new feature where you can look at everyone's responses as soon as you've submitted yours.  But that means I can't just post a link here, or who knows what kind of crazy spam we'd get.  So I've e-mailed a link to all of you.  Were your tomatoes too red?  Your radishes too spicy?  U-pick maps too confusing?  Not enough potatoes (ha ha)?  Inquiring minds want to know: 2013 Member Survey. Deadline for submitting surveys is December 31


We crunched all the harvest data, and compiled them in a few spreadsheets that you can  download here (it's in Excel format).  It will tell you how many pounds you got of each item (approximately, since you had choices), how many weeks we harvested each crop, which varieties yielded the best, and if you really like to get in the weeds, you can see our some of our notes for next year, which tomatoes were in which fields, and so on and on and on.... If you like farm data, dig in and go crazy!


That's all for now - thanks again for choosing Clagett as your CSA this year. We're pleased with the season, and are eager to hear your feedback. Enjoy your holidays!

~ Farmer Carrie 


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