This Week's Share: Greens, U-Pick Strawberries & More
This Week's Share: Zucchini, Kohlrabi and More

This Week's Share: Week 3

Clay Meet and Greet Hay Ride

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Happy Wednesday! Here's everything you need to know for this week's CSA Pick-Up:

What's in this week's share:

Here's what you can expect this week:

  • ¼ pound: lettuce + arugula + spicy mix + Tokyo bekana
  • ¾ pound: baby bok choi + collards + kale + swiss chard
  • 1 pound: purple-top turnips + hakurei turnips + garlic scapes + the first few kohlrabi (more to come!)
  • Your choice of a pint of sugar snap peas or strawberries

What's on U-Pick:

Strawberries are still on the list, with the same restrictions as last week:  no picking Wednesdays before 3pm, Saturdays before 1pm,  Tuesdays or Fridays.  Also, they’ve been picked pretty heavily, so plan to go easy on them this week. We can all share!

Mulberries are ripe.  Some trees ripen black, others white.  You’ll know they’re ripe when they are soft and fall easily from the tree.  There are quite a few trees along the driveway as you go from the washing station to Ritchie Marlboro Road.    

Kale and Collards We have them in 2 fields.  If there aren’t enough in Field B3 for your tastes, let us know.  We could put the other field on the list next week, but it will need extra signage to prevent people from accidentally stripping the leaves off the cabbage plants (which would make us very sad).  

Herbs: anise, hissop, mint, marjoram, chamomile (there’s a lot there, and one of you really needs to pick and dry all those flowers for tea), sorrel, sage, garlic chives, onion chives that are blooming, thyme, cilantro, savory, lavender and nigella flowers.  

What's coming up in the share:

Our predictions have been a little faulty lately, but here’s our best guess for next week: 

  • New: Zucchini
  • Continued: Various salad greens, both lettucy and mustardy, bok choi, kale, collards, swiss chard, turnips, kohlrabi, strawberries, peas
  • Uncertain:  Garlic scapes still, or garlic bulbs? Carrots?    

Questions or comments? Let us know!


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eeeee!! Can't wait to snag a share this weekend :):)

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