This Week's Share: Cucumbers, Squash, Shallots and More
This week's share: Tomatoes, peppers, squash and more

This Week's Share: Melons, Tomatoes, Peppers & More


This week's featured photo is from Instagram (via user "julz711"), featuring rhubarb galette she served with sweetened creme fraiche! Send us your own photos or post them to Instagram with hashtag #ClagettFarm and we'll feature them here! 



  • 2 pounds total combination eggplant + corn + melons
  • 5 1/2 pounds total combination tomatoes + peppers
  • 4 1/4 pounds squash + cucumbers 
  • 1/4 pounds garlic + onions + chile peppers
  • 1 head garlic

 * Here's a tip on how to store the garlic we're giving you: you can either store it on a shelf in a cool, dark place, or you can store it in your refrigerator. Once it goes into the fridge, it should stay there until you're ready to use it. The garlic should last for months once stowed. 


What's on U-Pick:

  • Cucumbers
  • HerbsBasil. We have lime basil, anise basil, cinnamon basil, Thai basil, spicy globe basil and holy basil. Plus lots of herbs available for cutting, including anise hissop, mint, marjoram, chamomile (there‚Äôs a lot there, and one of you really needs to pick and dry all those flowers for tea), sorrel, sage, garlic chives, onion chives that are blooming, thyme, cilantro, savory, lavender and nigella seeds (you pick the dried bulbs).  
  • Medicinal Herbs: Passion flower leaves, echinacea flowers and leaves, wormwood, hissop, holy basil, and calenbula flowers. 
  • Flowers: this is a really good time to pick a bouquet at the farm. 
  • Wild Black Cherry Trees: There are a number of wild black cherry trees that have fruit right now. The cherries are tart and will hang around for a while. 


Questions or comments? Let us know!


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