Wanted: Plates, Bowls, mason jars, silverware, wine glasses
This Week's Share: Tomatoes Enter the U-Pick List

This Week's Share: Eggplant, Peppers, Chiles and More

Deborah Tomato Stack 2
This week's featured photo is from CSA member Deborah Starobin Armstrong! Thanks Deborah! Send us your own photos of what you see at the farm or what you're cooking with your weekly share, or post them to Instagram with hashtag #ClagettFarm. We'll feature them here! 


WANTED: Your old plates and flatware!  Do you have a stash of old plates that you no longer need? We'd love to build a collection of plates -- and bowls and utensils and glasses and mason jars -- to keep at the farm for dinners and other events. More details here. We would appreciate these items at any time, but if you're coming to tomorrow night's Farm Dinner, feel free to bring them with you!



Due to availability of certain items, the shares at the Dupont pickup and the Wednesday farm pickup will differ slightly. (The Saturday farm pickup will be similar to both of these, but may also differ a bit in the mix of items.)

Dupont pickup:

  • 1 head garlic
  • 1 pound total kale + collards + chiles
  • 3 pounds total peppers* + eggplant
  • TBD amount of tomatoes
  • 1 large watermelon**

Wednesday Farm pickup:

  • 1 head garlic
  • 1 pound total kale + collards
  • 3 3/4 pounds total melon (canteloupe or honeydew) + peppers* + eggplant
  • TBD amount of tomatoes
  • 1/2 pound total ground cherries + beans + chiles


*We've noticed that some of the peppers have a small caterpillar inside. These little guys are perfectly harmless, but if you're squeamish about the thought of a caterpillar in your pepper, here's a tip: Look for peppers that do not have any signs of insect holes. Usually, if there's a caterpillar, you'll find a small hole at the top of the pepper, near the stem.

**We're pretty confident that the watermelons are good and ripe. But obviously there's no way to know for sure until you cut into it. If you get a watermelon that's a dud, let us know the following week at pickup, and we'll be sure to get you a replacement.



What's on U-Pick:

  • Ground Cherries
  • Tomatillos.
  • Kale. (Only 1 of the beds of kale is available for U-pick. Please be sure to carefully read the directions posted on the sign at the kale beds.)
  • Swiss chard.
  • Updated: Herbs: onion chives, sage, garlic, savory, thyme, tarragon, lavender (but it's not flowering), parsley (small amount), oregano, sorrel, basil (7 varieties!), stevia, marjoram, anise hissop. 
  • Medicinal Herbs: Passion flower leaves, echinacea flowers and leaves, wormwood, hissop, and calendula flowers. 
  • Flowers: this is a really good time to pick a bouquet at the farm. 


What You Can Expect in the Coming Weeks:

  • Next week you can expect: Greens, including kale, collards and possibly chard; watermelons for those members who don't get one this week; peppers; eggplant; tomatoes; beans; chiles; squash 
  • Items we're watching for next week or the following week: Okra, Corn.  
  • What about U-pick tomatoes? Several people have asked about when tomatoes will be available on U-pick. The answer is that we're not sure. One possible plan right now is that, in the first week of September, we may pick only 2 tomatoes per share and let the remainder be on U-pick. More details as we get closer to that week, but that's one tentative plan.


Questions or comments? Let us know!


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