This Week's Share: Winter Squash, Salad Greens, Mushrooms and More
This Week's Share: Sweet Potatoes, Greens, Sunchokes and More

This Week's Share: Sweet Potatoes, Sunchokes, Greens and More

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Thanks to Instagrammer immediata for this beautiful photo of a recent sunny afternoon on the farm!  You can always email us your own photos or post them to Instagram with the hashtag #ClagettFarm, and we'll feature them here! 

Welcome to Week 24 for this year's season!


Only two more weeks to go: Mark your calendars -- the final shares of the 2016 season will be distributed on Wednesday, Nov. 9 and Saturday, Nov. 12.



  • 2 heads garlic
  • 4 1/2 pounds sweet potatoes  
  • 1/2 pound total combination salad greens + sunchokes + kale + collards
  • 1 pound total combination turnips + radish + peppers + bok choi


  • Herbs 
  • Flowers. As always, any flowers on the farm are fair game. 



The final couple weeks of this season will look pretty similar to this week's share. Expect to see some butternut squash and some green peppers. But otherwise, the next two shares will be similar to this one.

That's it for week 24! Enjoy the share! Let us know if you have any questions!

~ The Clagett Farm Team


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