This Week's Share: Scallions, Microgreens and Strawberries
This Week's Share: Garlic scapes arrived

This Week's Share: Seedlings, Scallions and Salad Greens

Seedlings in a colander! Thanks to Farmer Carrie for this cool snapshot. Want to see one of your photos featured in a future email? Send it to us or post it to Instagram with the hashtag #ClagettFarm!  



We're a little under-staffed at the farm right now, so we'd welcome anyone who wants to workshare or volunteer! Here's more info on how to get involved.



  • 1 colander or 3 little pots of seedlings 
  • 1 half-pint container of microgreens (These can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 days; cut them off at the roots just before eating)
  • 3/4 pound garlic scallions (here are some good  garlic scallion recipes)
  • 1/2 pound onion scallions (great in salads!)
  • 1/2 pound total combination lettuce heads + collards + kale + radishes + rhubarb


  • The head lettuce is from Three Part Harmony Farm in Washington, D.C. The farmer there, Gail Taylor, used to work here at Clagett!
  • The onions come from two different sources: Jug Bay Market Garden, which is another organic CSA in Upper Marlboro, and from Genevieve Fulco, who used to work at Clagett and is now starting a farm in Silver Spring, Md. 


  • Strawberries are still here! And they're getting even tastier. See the white board in the washing station for details.

That's it for this week! Enjoy the share! 

~ The Clagett Farm Team


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