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Vote: The Best Crab Cakes in the Chesapeake Region

Crabs What is your vote for best crab cake in the Chesapeake region?

The New York Times recently published a long feature on crab houses that waxed lovingly about the whack of the mallet and the joys of a splattery feast.

The Washington Post also came out today with its list of best crab houses in Washington DC. To read the Post’s list, click here.

I put a link to this article on the Chesapeake Bay Foundation's Facebook site, and asked readers for their votes for best crab houses.  47 people responded to this very unscientific survey, and the most votes (five) went to G & M Restaurant and Lounge, 804 Hammonds Ferry Road in Linthicum Heights, MD; followed by four votes for Harris Crab House, on Kent Narrows Way in Grasonville, MD; and two votes for Kocos Pub, at 4301 Harford Road in Baltimore, MD.

The Times recommended three crab houses as among the best in Maryland. The Waterman’s Crab House, at 21055 Sharp Street in Rock Hall, Md.; Schooners, at 314 Tilghman Street in Oxford; and the Drum Point Market, at 21162 Center Street in Tylerton.

Personally, I can attest to the excellence of the last one mentioned – the Drum Point Market. It’s a bit of a hassle to get there, as you have to hop a ferry to Smith Island and stay overnight just for a meal.  But the feast is worth the effort.  The crab cakes – exceedingly fresh, because the crabs are hauled in daily by the island’s watermen – are as fat as a peach, tender, and as close to paradise as you can shove between two halves of a bun.

My stomach is rumbling just remembering it.

But what if you live in Virginia?  Sink your claws into the crab cakes at Bubba’s Crab House, 3323 Shore Drive in Virginia Beach. Or scuttle in to Chick’s Oyster Bar at 2143 Vista Circle in Virginia Beach.

But let’s not leave out Pennsylvania crab joints. Some of my friends here at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation speak highly of Nick's 114 Cafe, at 114 Bridge St. in New Cumberland, and The Progress Grill at 3526 Walnut St. in Harrisburg.

What do you think?  Do you know a restaurant that serves a crab cake worth snapping about?


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My Grandma:)

My mom!

G & M near BWI airport

What about also naming the best place for steamed blue crabs (and not just cakes)?

G&M in Linthicum, MD!

Koco's Pub on Harford Rd.

By the Docks in Middle River!!! Closely followed by the Boulevard Diner in Dundalk : )

I was born in Maryland but now live in NC so not aware of any blue crab 'houses' here but have been able to get pretty good blue crabs (to steam at home) in Wilmington, NC at East Coast Seafood. Still looking for a good place in the Raleigh, NC area. If anyone knows of some good places, fess up! Otherwise, its worth a drive up the coast to check out some of these recommendations.

Steamed crabs - Harris Crab House Kent Island

Steamed crabs = Cantler's Riverside, just outside of Annapolis. Everything a crabhouse should be. Oddly enough, the best crab cakes in Annapolis are at Adam's Ribs in Eastport (or at least they were a few years ago).

The Boat Yard in Annapolis!! Otherwise home made is the best!!

My wife makes the best crab cakes in Annapolis bar none!

G&M in Linthicum

ditto...G&M in Linthicum

G&M in Linthicum for crab cakes; Cantler's in St. Margarets (near Annapolis) for steamed crabs

G and M and By the Docks, and other places use Indonesian meat from a closely related crab that is plentiful in that part of the world. So if you think you are having an authentic Chesapeake experience, think again.

Drift Inn!!!!

perfect all crab (no filler) crab cakes sauted & served with saltine crackers and yellow mustard.......

the crabcakes (and all other seafood) and Edgewater Restaurant are amazing!

Steinhilber's in Va Beach

The problem with the NYT article (I noticed this when I read it a week or two ago) is that it focused on northern Shore locations. Frankly, they're good, but not exceptional. Most of the good crab houses are on the lower Shore. I know its incredibly far from... anything, but hands down, the Red Roost in Whitehaven, MD has the best crab cakes, best atmosphere and best crabs in the Chesapeake Bay region. Of course, they also give you way too much side food which (I'm convinced) is a plot to get you to eat fewer crabs.

City Cafe in Baltimore makes some fantastic crabcakes. Plump, meaty, and without tons of filler.

You simply cannot make a better crab-cake than Drum Point Market.

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