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Chickens Construction of most new poultry houses on Maryland's Eastern Shore has been on hold since February because of newly-enforced federal pollution control regulations, The (Salisbury, Md) Daily Times reports. That could change on Dec. 1, when the Maryland Department of the Environment issues new surface discharge permits for poultry houses, the newspaper reports. The question of whether the federal or state governments should create regulations to control runoff pollution from animal-intensive agriculture has been at the center of a debate over a new federal proposal to clean up the Chesapeake Bay.

(Photo courtesy of U.S. Geological Survey)


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They should figure out regulations as quickly as possible. Poultry runoff can be a real problem, and should be regulated. Farmers need clear regulations, and they need advocates who think about their costs-- folks can't make a good living on a small farm nowadays. But people love the Bay and want to help it. Being in legislative limbo is a problem... I think MD should make strict rules about poultry runoff and also make it easy and cheap for farmers to get access to the safest feed. Can the state take away the manure and clean it?

Federal limits with the states able to implement more stringent requirements.

Somebody needs to!!!!

I agree, Liz!

The runoff affects interstate waterways, so a federal role seems appropriate.

Federal ... they're less afraid of Perdue leaving the region, and (we can only hope) a bit less influenced by the poultry lobby ...

I agree with Clarry. Like emissions standards, agricultural runoff should have federal limits with the option for states to implement stricter limits. I know my "free market" friends will disagree with me, but when it comes to the environment, there really is no point in trusting business to control themselves.

You are right Clarry that the agricultural runoff should have federal limits with the opinion for states. Visit us online at to get the professional contractor services.

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