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Spin Defeats Intelligent Management of Bay's Fish

Menhaden3 Bad news has washed ashore from Virginia.

The General Assembly last night killed legislation that would have improved the state’s management of menhaden, a small but important fish that helps to filter the Chesapeake Bay and feed larger species.

Kalbird8 The bills would have switched management of the fish from the politicians in the General Assembly to the scientists at the Virginia Marine Resources Commission.  It is unfortunate that opponents of the bill misrepresented the legislation as a threat to the state’s economy –- when actually, the commission has a duty to safeguard both the Bay’s economic and ecological benefits.

And of course, a well-managed Chesapeake Bay is one of Virginia's most important economic strengths.

Many thanks to the legislation’s sponsors, Senator Ralph Northam of Norfolk, and Delegate John Cosgrove of the City of Chesapeake, for trying to promote good government and prudent care for our natural resources.


(Image of menhaden from NOAA)


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Big business wins once more.

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