The Fat Lady Begins to Hum for Terrorism Defense Center
Take a Look at The Last Boat Out

Bay Daily Staff Doubles

Bay Daily is growing by leaps and bounds. Tomorrow, I welcome my colleague Chuck Epes as co-author of the blog. Chuck lives and works in Richmond, and will provide a Virginian's perspective on environmental news in our region, expanding our geographic coverage.  Welcome aboard, Chuck! He's going to take the wheel on Fridays, so I get to take the day off. Cheers to my co-pilot! Wait, that doesn't sound safe. -Tom Pelton


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I am against the training facilty in Ruthsburg. Thank you for taking the time to write about this very important matter. I am not one to get involved but this situation put fire under my feet. I can not get over the government picking out this spot. I see more and more young families moving here and I believe in the next ten years or so business will move in to centreville and the surrounding areas. We need to work on that not on a facility like the one proposed. Federal Government Stay out of my back yard!

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