Pick Your Beach View: Wind Turbines? Or Oil Drilling Platforms?
Here's What the Oil Spill Would Look Like at the Mouth of Chesapeake Bay

Oil Spill Is A Political and Economic Mess, As Well As An Environmental Disaster

The Washington Post is calling the massive oil spill off Louisiana a political mess for President Obama's plans to allow offshore drilling along the coasts of Virginia, Maryland, and much of the southeastern US coast, including Florida. Authorities have now closed commercial and recreational fishing from Louisiana to Florida because of the petroleum pollution, shutting down one of the biggest sources of seafood in the U.S.


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How about a new slogan for the GOP?


I've head some other variations in recent days:

WHIRL, BABY, WHIRL (for wind power)

SPIN, BABY, SPIN (for PR to get out of responsibility for spill)



any others out there?

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