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Dawn of the Dead for Nukes?

HiRes A proposal to build a new nuclear reactor beside the Chesapeake Bay -- recently nixed by Constellation Energy -- may have been brought back from the grave by a deal between the Baltimore-based Constellation and the French power company EDF.

But even if the French firm decides to move ahead with the construction of a third reactor at the Calvert Cliffs nuclear plant in Southern Maryland, the project still may face long odds, The Baltimore Sun is reporting.. These include a desire by the developer for favorable loan guarantees from the federal government.  And EDF will need a need a new U.S. partner, now that Constellation no longer wants to build the reactor. 

Moreover, the political climate and economy might not be favorable for such a massive project.  “Natural gas prices have plunged, boosting the attractiveness of gas-fired generators as an electricity source. The failure of climate change legislation that would have penalized carbon emissions is also a setback for carbon-free nuclear energy,” The Sun reports.

What role do you think nuclear power should play in America's energy future?  On one hand, uranium produces a lot of reliable electricity with no smokestacks belching global warming pollution. But on the other, there are questions about the disposal of spent fuel and the affordability of building nuclear plants. 




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