The Last, Rocky Refuge of the Dinosaur Fish that Saved America
EPA Fines Major Home Building Firm $925,000 For Storm Water Violations


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As of 8:30 a.m. on December 2, 2010, we received 24 comments on this blog subject on the CBF Facebook page, and they were overwhelmingly in favor of a ban on drilling off the East Coast.

Some examples:

* Sharon Rudolph: Thank God!!! Good news.

* Jan Marshall: Stupid

* Kristine Johnson: I know!! I heard!! So happy!

* Charlotte Heath: Me Likey !

* David Neuman: HUGE sigh of relief

* Shelva Angle: Thank, God, the learning curve just went up.

* Ruth Ann Kennedy: HUZZAH!!

* Danny Smith: What is he afraid of creating jobs.

*Tracy Dimmick Willis: More like killing off our entire fish and crab population...

* Ed Chrzanowski: Of course, he would rather continue to rely on other countries for their oil. Let's continue to fund other countries that breed terrorists who want to destroy ours.

* Tracy Dimmick Willis: And let's not forget how many tourism dolalrs go to the eastern beaches o f VA, mD, and DE.

* Bobby Croker: I'm amazed at how many people think that they SHOULD drill in the Chesapeake and off the East Coast. Imagine WHEN, not IF, the kind of disaster in the Gulf OR Alaska happens here. Think of how it would affect places like Ocean City where so many of our chilgmhood memoriesare, and future ones for YOUR children. Sickening how many people just don't care :(

* Bobby Croker: See idiotic comments in support above...


(*I'm Happy)

* Ed Chrzanowski: We have had two accidents since 1970. If federal regulation was what it should be, both could have been avoided. How is that not caring? Do you drive a car? Ride a bus? Fly? Use our roads? So you are ok with drilling for and using oil, as long as it is not our problem how we get it...idotic comments you say?

* Ed Chrzanowski For the record, off the east coast is fine with me. IN the bay is not.

* Bobby Croker: There are alternatives that can be explored. Have you seen the Turbine being studied at University of Delaware? And yes, I do drive sometimes, but in my defense I DO bike whenever possible and I would try alternative vehicles. I'm not unrealistic about our need of oil but it seems irresponsible to put more "energy" into tearing up more environment instead of working on alternatives. BUT, I do agree that IF it were to happen here it would be better off the Coast and not the bay.

* Ed Chrzanowski: Thank you for the discussion. I will look into the Turbine at UD. Always looking for something to show my students. Wish I lived close enough to bike to work. Good day to you. May we find a TRUE solution soon.

* Heather Hartless Ritter: I say use the winds! WHY drill?!

* Bobby Croker: Agreed, and thank you. You have very valid points!

* Ann C Cleland: I knew he was lying before... I say Drill Baby Drill AND use wind AND natural gas and coal and be energy independent!! Energy independence= economic independence. Why are you all so bent on handicapping the US? Did you use wind to drive your car or heat your home today? I think not...

* Polly Smock: I'm so glad. And regarding economic woes for the oil industry, well, this may just be the nudge they need to change directions, go into renewables.

* Ann C Cleland: ‎"Economic woes" for the oil industry translates to economic woes for all of us, Polly. What do you use to heat your house and drive your car? People are hurting in the US and much of it is self inflicted. I have work , but many I encouter do not and letting some other country (or the federal gov't) contol what we do continues to bring the US down. There are regulations already in place that should be followed for these rigs. It was the company as well as the feds that dropped the ball on the Gulf spill. (And we had offers to help clean it up from other countries but the feds declined their offers. Even the people of the gulf were impeded by the feds from cleaning it up! ) The feds need to do their jobs and enforce the regulations that are already in place and not prevent the US from being responsible energy developers. Do you think the Middle Eastern countries care about the environment? When a mistake happens one should learn from it and make the changes to prevent it from happening again. This doesn't mean totally abandoning it. Crazy!

* Shelva Angle: WIND, SOLAR, BIO FUELS Oh, and,yes, they create jobs.

Nothing is permanent. Oil companies will get the Republicans to open it back up when they're back in the White House. It just delays the inevitable.

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