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RiverA federal court judge today announced good news for advocates of clean water in the Chesapeake Bay region.  Judge Sylvia Rambo, of the federal court in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, decided to allow the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and its allies to intervene in a legal action seeking to protect federal and state pollution limits (the so-called Bay pollution "diet" or Total Maximum Daily Load), which have been challenged by the American Farm Bureau Federation, National Association of Home Builders and other industry lobbying organizations. 

To learn more about the pollution "diet" and what it means for the Bay, click here. 

For more information, read the statement from CBF below.


(HARRISBURG, PA)  -- Chesapeake Bay Foundation Vice President for Litigation Jon Mueller issued this statement following the decision by Federal Court Judge Sylvia Rambo to allow CBF and its partners, along with  municipal waste and water associations, to intervene in the Bay pollution diet (Total Maximum Daily Load or TMDL) lawsuit. That lawsuit, brought by the American Farm Bureau Federation, the National Homebuilders Association, and seven other national agricultural lobbying organizations, sought to overturn pollution limits set by the states and EPA and prevent the states from implementing the pollution reduction programs necessary to restore local rivers, streams, and the Chesapeake Bay. Those groups also opposed CBF’s motion to intervene.

“CBF and its partners are pleased with Judge Rambo’s memorandum allowing our intervention.  She clearly looked at the issue and understands the stakes in this case.  We are looking forward to arguing this case in order to ensure that Bay restoration moves forward, and that all do their part to reduce pollution.”

CBF President William C. Baker added:

“The effort to derail Bay restoration must be stopped, here and now. We are pleased we can be part of defending the Bay restoration effort and are confident that the court will uphold the public’s right to clean water.”

CBF’s partners in the motion to intervene are: Penn Future (Citizens for Pennsylvania's Future), Defenders of Wildlife, the Jefferson County Public Service District, the Midshore Riverkeeper Conservancy, and the National Wildlife Federation.


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