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Rally for Clean Water Planned for March 28

ProtestJoin the rally for clean water!  This is a critical time to urge the Maryland General Assembly to approve funding to help the state meet pollution limits for the Chesapeake Bay.  Come to Lawyers Mall, 100 State Circle in Annapolis, at 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday, March 28.

We are urging everyone to make signs or bring large photos that will explain to your elected representatives why reducing water pollution is so important.   For details, click here.   Among other things, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and our allies in the Clean Water Healthy Families coalition are urging lawmakers to approve an increase in the Bay Restoration Fund (the so-called "flush fee") to upgrade sewage treatment plants. 

 (Photo at top of EPA protest in Washington DC in 2008 by Nikki Davis/CBF)


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The text for this announcement says "Thursday, March 28th" However, March 28th is a Wednesday. Will this event be on Wednesday, March 28th or Thursday March 29th?

Good catch, Susan. It is Wednesday, March 28, at 9 a.m.

How about this sign...

I guess CBF would have to educate itself on the bill. I don't see that happening.

Thanks, Chris. We are looking into that Anne Arundel County bill.

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