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Poll Shows Residents Oppose Waterfront Development

Four seasonsA new poll shows that a majority of voters in Kent Island and Queen Anne's County are opposed to the 1079-unit Four Seasons development project proposed for Kent Island.

On the island, opponents outnumber supporters by more than 2-1, with 61 percent opposing the project and 26 percent supporting it, according to a public opinion poll by Public Opinion Strategies commissioned by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and Queen Anne's Conservation Association. In Queen Anne's County, 52 percent oppose the project, and 34 percent support it.

"There can be no doubt now how the public feels about this massive project. It is one of the largest development projects ever proposed in Maryland within an ecologically sensitive waterfront area. Will someone listen to the will of the people? The state Board of Public Works must deny the project's pending wetlands permit, and county commissioners must take Four Seasons back to the drawing board," said Alison Prost, Maryland Director of CBF.

"It is no surprise that Queen Anne's County residents, and Kent Islanders in particular, remain strongly opposed to the Four Seasons development," said Jay Falstad, Executive Director, Queen Anne's Conservation Association. "The people have always hated this project, and we've been fighting it for over a decade. Previous county commissioners were voted out of office for supporting Four Seasons. Someday, the voice of the people will be heard.

For details, click here.

To take action against the Four Seasons development, click here.

By Tom Pelton

Chesapeake Bay Foundation


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As a resident of Kent Island I have been opposed to since it's inception, but I would like to make very clear that the K.I.D.L. has been the main force stopping this project, not the CBF, not the ESLC, or any other self serving, tax dodging, overstaffed, over funded, self righteous group.

Many thanks to the Kent Island Defense League for its leadership and hard work.

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