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“Waves for a Cause” Helps Save the Bay

Today’s generation of adults has not always done a stellar job of protecting the environment, especially natural treasures like the Chesapeake Bay.

Thank goodness then for WFC – Waves for a Cause -- a small group of Chesterfield County, Va., elementary school students who have embraced the mission to Save the Bay.

Led by Cassie Robinson (on the right in above photo), a 5th-grader at Winterpock Elementary School, the group has been raising awareness about the Bay and its problems over the past year by talking to friends, drawing flyers and posters, staffing WFC tables at school events, and even holding pot-luck dinners to raise money for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF).

The group’s commitment and enthusiasm was palpable when Cassie and WFC buddy Lanie Mahone (in the center above), a 4th-grader at J.B. Watkins Elementary, showed up unannounced at CBF’s Richmond office one day recently. Accompanied by Cassie’s dad, Carl Robinson, the pair wanted to show off a colorful home-made poster touting the Bay and Bay life, and to present – drum roll, please – a check for $100 to CBF.

Even though fellow WFC members Molly Manning and Olivia Patton were unable to accompany them on DSC_0001 the trip to Richmond, Cassie and Lanie more than filled the office with excitement and animated descriptions of their favorite Chesapeake Bay critters.

“I really love sea turtles, and when I found out they go into the Bay and the Bay isn’t always clean, I wanted to raise money to help,” Cassie said.

Lanie is fascinated by flounders. “One of their eyes actually moves from one side of their head to the other!” she said in amazement.

CBF Virginia Executive Director Ann Jennings (left above) greeted the students, gratefully accepted the check, and posed for pictures.

“What a wonderful surprise!“ Jennings said of the pair’s visit. “We were delighted by their energy and poise. I told them to be sure to look up CBF after they graduate from college. We want that kind of enthusiasm and commitment.”

Waves for a Cause member Molly Manning summed things up pretty well on a hand-made card the group left with CBF:

“Hi, I’m Molly. I work with Cassie on the WFC project. As you can see on the poster in the bottom left corner I wrote about how the Bay protects us from huge storms and waves. The reason I joined was because I wanted to help someone, so I asked if I could help, and Cassie said I could help. So there you have it.”

There you have it, indeed.

Chuck Epes

Chesapeake Bay Foundation


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That was a few years ago, but I remember all of the work we put into that and I think we are all still very proud of it.

-Molly 2015

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