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Resolve to Buy a Bay Plate in 2014

Virginia Bay PlateThe new year is here, and if you are still pondering 2014 resolutions, here’s one that’s easy, inexpensive, and makes a difference:

Buy a Chesapeake Bay license plate for your Virginia or Maryland vehicle.

It’s easy to do. If you live in Virginia, click here; in Maryland, click here.

It’s inexpensive. A Virginia Bay plate costs $25; a Maryland Bay plate, $20.

Both state's Bay plate fees are in addition to the annual vehicle registration fee, so, yes, getting a Bay plate will cost you a few additional dollars. But look how attractive the plates are and imagine how distinctive one will look on your car or truck!

The best part, however, is that you will be helping make a difference in restoring the Chesapeake Bay, a national treasure and a cultural, historic, and economic icon for both the Old Dominion and the Old Line State.

In Virginia, the annual proceeds from Bay license plate sales go into the Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fund, a state coffer created by the Virginia General Assembly in 1992 for Bay restoration and education. Each year, a legislatively appointed commission disburses the funds to dozens of large and small organizations in a competitive grant program.

Over the years, the fund has distributed $6.6 million in grants, including $366,000 in 2013, for projects MD bay plate undertaken by schools, businesses, nonprofits, citizens, and governments. Projects have run the gamut from environmental education for students to shoreline and wetland restoration to public outreach to fisheries conservation to pollution reduction.

In Maryland, the license plate proceeds go to the Chesapeake Bay Trust, a nonprofit organization working to restore shorelines, educate students, green up neighborhoods, and clean up local streams and rivers across the state. Since 1985, the Trust has awarded more than $55 million in grants to organizations, schools, and community groups for Chesapeake Bay education, conservation, and restoration projects.

Easy. Inexpensive. Making a difference. That’s a 2014 resolution trifecta.

Chuck Epes

Chesapeake Bay Foundation


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When the custom save the bay tags first came out the money the tags generated didn't all go to saving the bay, the state dumped the money into the general fund and things like public housing etc were given part of it when they got done robbing it only a dribble went in to saving the bay so when they ask people to buy the tags to help save the bay forget it

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