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Play the Chesapeake History Game

Bigsailboat Which member of a schooner fleet known as the "Maine windjammer" was built and launched on the Chesapeake Bay?  Where, when, and for what primary cargo?  Enter your guesses as comments below.  The first reader to answer correctly will win a free Chesapeake Bay Foundation T-Shirt. Rattle your keyboards....go! 

UPDATE: The winner is Travis, who was first to guess the Victory Chimes.

Victory Chimes was launched in 1900 into Broad Creek, a Nanticoke River tributary, at the Bethel Marine Railway in Bethel, Delaware.  She is the last surviving Chesapeake Ram, a class of about thirty “bald-headed” (lacking topsails) three-masted schooners built between 1870 and 1920 for hauling lumber and bulk cargo like fertilizer.

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