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Bay Money in Virginia Budget

Virginia is well on the way to approving critically needed funding for Chesapeake Bay restoration.

Late last week, Gov. Bob McDonnell released his proposed amendments to Virginia’s new two-year budget adopted earlier by the Virginia General Assembly. This was the next step in approving a budget that includes $87.6 million to help Virginia localities pay for upgrades to their sewage treatment plants, among the larger sources of pollution plaguing the Bay.

While the Assembly will have the last word on the governor’s amendments, it’s likely the Bay funding will remain intact. That’s very important for the Bay, local rivers, and local governments.

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While Building Market Sleeps, Some Counties Are Busy Encouraging Future Sprawl

SprawlThere may not be a lot of homes or businesses being built in the current real estate market, but there are major attempts to open farmland for developers when they’re ready.   

In Maryland at least, a new but untested state law might be the best defense against land speculators’ further incursion into the countryside.

A group of environmental groups and property owners filed a lawsuit Thursday, Dec. 8, against the county commissioners of Queen Anne’s County, Maryland, to stop the latest attempt by some local governments to pave over our rural landscape.

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Clean Water Act Advances with Broad Bi-Partisan Support

Written by Patrick Miller, CBF Director of Community Building and Web Services

Early yesterday morning the CBF carpool headed to D.C. so that we could watch as the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee considered the Chesapeake Clean Water Act and answer any questions reporters might have.

We had heard the vote was going to be tight and in this political environment a contentious bill limping out of the committee is likely going to quietly die. Leadership has asked its members to take many tough votes recently: health care, financial reform, TARP, etc and wants to minimize subjecting them to additional contentious votes.

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