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Working Food and Farmscapes

Hi Folks,

I sure hope we'll see you there. We need your support to bring all of these connections together!

Food For Life Balance Show
Working Food and Farmscapes

Foodies (or not) and friends will want to attend an Annapolis show
held midday Saturday, January 2007. The event links the connection of
food, cooking and the land in a beautiful presentation of photographs, music and cooking held at the Anne Arundal Medical Center/Wellness.

Food For Life Balance workshop serves as a template for giving this program nationally with key players involved. Rita Calvert is putting the final touches on the show/workshop to be given with the sponsorship of Whole Foods/Annapolis, Clagett Farm of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Wendy Child and the medical center.

Beautiful animated photos of the farm (mostly Clagett)and food (styled or simply growing naturally) enhance the 3 hour event which includes a luscious lunch, live cooking demo, Eat For the Seasons, "Kit in a Can" and background music from the local artist, Mark Schatz of Nickel Creek.

Food For Life Balance: The Connection

Ingenious Entertaining Menu

Surprise Snack
Sweet Pea Dip with Scoops
Meditarrnean Soup, w/“Floating Bruschetta”
Lacquer Glazed Salmon (or Chicken)
Parmesan Lace Filled Baskets
Sinfree Creme Caramel with Grand Marnier Glazed Fruit
Sweet Spiced Chai

Date: January 27, 2007 10:00-1:00 PM

Cost $50.00

Anne Arundel Medical Center/Wellness
Pat Sajak Pavillion/Conference Room

Please email http://www.aahs.org/events.php
Reservations : 443 481-4000


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I live in Arlington and we are spending a fortune on wastewater treatment upgrades. We are about 50 miles from the Bay.

It is unacceptable to me for wealthy people to serve on the CBF Board and various CBF committees while living right on the Bay and directly polluting the Bay with septic field, fertilizer, hydrocarbons from vehicles and boats, and sediment.

Mark, BS, MS, PhD


The CBF is populated with many hypocrites.

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